Focusing on pain relief

Acupuncture to treat physical pain

During a treatment I aim for a 50 to 70% reduction in pain. Pain relief can be experienced almost immediately after inserting the first few needles. Only one treatment is needed to assess whether a pain issue is treatable or not.



Acupuncture to treat emotional pain

Emotions largely determine our general well-being as well as our actions. In my practice I often see physical issues that are emotionally related. I will always allow the space to pay attention to this to help the healing of the emotional pain.


TREATMENT Emotional Pain

Patients’ experiences

At first I was very skeptical whether acupuncture could reduce my neck pain. After a couple of treatments I felt a noticable difference in the intensity of the pain. Several treatments later, the pain has gone down to such an extent that I hardly experience any pain anymore.- Lisa
It came to no surprise to me that old grief can lead to physical complaints and that feelings of failure, guilt and inadequacy can be toxic to the body. Irene guided me in a very helpful and committed way and supported the process with acupuncture.- Dorine
During the intake, Irene explained very clearly that she could help me but that I should not expect to get rid of it within three treatments. I really appreciated that she was so clear about that. I experienced the treatments as soothing and very positive. The result was and still is that I got rid of my sleep issues!- Danielle