Behandeling Acupunctuur

Exhaustion after Corona

13 treatments in 7 weeks

In mid-March I became very ill from the Corona virus. I had a high fever, severe headache and shortness of breath. These symptoms disappeared after a while, but what didn’t disappear was this terrible fatigue. My condition was and remained poor.
Since I have been suffering from nettle rash with ups and downs for years, I contacted Irene Wolbert to ask if she could help me with my nettle rash. After 13 treatments in 7 weeks I have now gotten rid of my nettle rash. Miraculously my condition has also returned to its normal level.
According to Irene, this is not a coincidence, because some acupuncture points in the treatment for nettle rash can also be used for exhaustion/ fatigue.

Jan, 50 yrs

Mental support

20 treatments in 5 months

Initially I came for minor ailments and discomforts. Irene patiently treated each new area where pain manifested itself. Slowly the conversation shifted to the psychological side of things. It was no surprise to me that old grief can lead to physical complaints and that feelings of failure, guilt, inadequacy can be toxic to the body. Irene helped me making the connection between those feelings and physical pain issues. I discovered how to recognise old pain in my body and how to ease it too. Irene guided me in a very committed way and supported this process with acupuncture. My pain issues have now largely disappeared and I have a new skill set to continue on this path by myself.

Dorine, 55 yrs

Eyes, dry and itchy

7 treatments in 3 weeks

The issue I experienced is fine now, actually I have virtually no longer any problems. So thank you for your efforts, it was a pleasant experience. If I should experience discomfort again, I would like to use your services again.

Frank Bosma, 41 yrs

Elbow bursitis

8 treatments in 3 weeks

After the diagnosis of a elbow bursitis, I chose to treat it with acupuncture. I soon noticed improvement, the pain dimished and the cause was addressed. The method of treatment also gives me insight into the pressure points, and what they are connected to. This is still valuable now the issue has been treated. Irene gives you a lot of insight and tips on how to get started with your issue. In addition, the quiet environment it offers is a real plus. I have benefited a lot and can recommend it to everyone.

Anonymous (woman), 42 yrs


8 treatments in 4 weeks

After struggling with sleeping problem for a long time, I found Irene on Google. Somewhat nervous about what to expect, I had the intake consultation followed by the treatments. Irene was very clear during the intake that she could help me but that I should not expect to get rid of it within 2-3 times. I really appreciated that she was so clear about this. I have experienced the treatments as very soothing and positive. The result was and still is that I got rid of sleeping problems. I even slept well with 4 people in the same room while being on holiday.

Danielle, 38 yrs

Acupuncture during fertility treatment

12 treatments in 3 months

After many treatments by various acupuncturists, I finally found someone who ‘clicked’ and who could really mean something for me. I came because of my desire to have children and I did acupuncture in combination with IUI treatments. I am now 16 weeks pregnant. I have always felt comfortable and taken seriously. I can definitely recommend!

Frances Huijsmans, 28 yrs

Shoulder pain and lower leg/foot pain

9 treatments in 6 weeks

My first experience with acupuncture is very positive. During the intake consultation you not only get questions about what you are coming for, you are asked about your entire well-being. I came for a radiating cramping pain from foot to leg, as well as pain in my shoulder. In addition to the acupuncture needles, I also received practical advice. It really helped me to find out what I could do at home to avoid reactivating the pain. For example, to attach a ball to my shoulder so that I do not lie on my sore shoulder at night. After 6 treatments my pain had subsided and I felt like it was flowing again in my leg. Also my shoulder pain is gone and I can move much better. It has been a while since I had acupuncture and the pain is still completely gone. I am really happy that I chose to have acupuncture.

T. Copal, 64 yrs

Neck pain

16 treatments in 4 months

For years I experienced this severe neck pain. I had tried everything I could think of and my last hope turned to acupuncture. At first I was very sceptical if it could reduce my neck pain. After a number of treatments I started feeling a difference in the intensity of the pain. Several treatments later, the pain has diminished so much that I hardly experience any pain anymore.
I ccan hardly believe it but it is really true. Acupuncture has improved my life! I can recommend acupuncture to everybody to experience for themselves that it definitely can work. Irene thank you so much for the great care you have given me during the treatments!

Lisa, 25 yrs

Nausea during pregnancy

11 treatments in 2 months

At my third pregnancy I knew from experience that I would probably suffer quite a bit from nausea in the first weeks. But apart from the nausea, this time round I also had very little appetite. I read about acupuncture and morning sickness on the internet. I felt at ease in Irene’s practice. It was my hour of rest and total relaxation. Which is very welcome for a tired mother with two small children who sometimes ‘spook’ in the night. Acupuncture helped me almost immediately. My nausea was much less at the end of the treatment. If I were pregnant again, I would not hesitate for a moment to choose to do this again.

Margo, 33 yrs


8 treatments in 4 weeks

I was never a great believer of acupuncture, but I have to say that acupuncture really has helped me. The pains I experienced from my hip running all the way down to my foot have disappeared after eight treatments. The treatments were not always pleasant, but they were healing. Chapeau.

Yvonne Bemelmans, 55 yrs


8 treatments in 4 weeks

Two years ago I came to Irene Wolbert with hay fever complaints. At first I was a bit hesitant about acupuncture, but after a number of treatments I noticed that hayfever were greatly reduced. After the second year they were all but gone. Apart from the pleasant contact with Irene, it is also a nice quiet treatment location that I like to go to. I was treated by Irene for acupuncture from November 2015 to April 2016.

Anonymous (man), 34 yrs

RSI in wrist

21 treatments in 4,5 months

I have been treated by Irene twice for two different complaints. The first time was for a long-term RSI-like arm. I had already tried various treatments, but nothing seemed to really help me. I read about acupuncture on the internet and eventually ended up with Irene. Irene listened carefully to my complaints and made connections between the things I told her (separately). This gave her a broader picture of my complaints and her treatment helped me to get rid of my complaints! In addition, I suffered from abdominal pain for years and this was diagnosed by the hospital as ‘irritable bowel syndrome’. Irene said that acupuncture could also help with this and I was also treated for this by Irene. In the end, these treatments did not help me to get rid of the complaints. But again, because Irene asked questions and made connections, she was able to advise me to look for the solution in a different direction. She recommended a therapist to me who eventually helped me get rid of my stomach ache. I am very grateful to Irene! I would warmly recommend Irene to everyone: Irene really looks for the cause of your complaints and goes all out to remedy it. Irene, thank you very much again!

Marina Curvers – in ‘t Veld, 28 yrs

Hives or nettle rash

8 treatments in 4 weeks

For several years I had suffered from hives, or nettle rash. When I learned that acupuncture could mean something for me, I contacted Irene Wolbert. During the intake interview, some other ailments were also discussed. Irene said she wanted to treat the hives first and treat the other ailments the next time. During a treatment I got 10 to 12 needles in my arms, hands, lower legs and feet. Inserting the needles was virtually painless. I also received nutritional advice from Irene. After 8 treatments I have not had any problems with the hives since April 2016. My other ailments have also decreased.

Jac Copal, 66 yrs