Acupunctuur Praktijk Eindhoven
Irene Wolbert

It has been more than twenty years since I was introduced to Eastern philosophy. This meant a source of recognition to me, everything seemed to ring true about this vision of life. Eastern philosophy is not something you can pick up and practise from reading a book. During my acupuncture training and the years of practical experience that followed, this philosophy of life has gradually enriched, revealed and deepened itself to me.By putting it into practice and experiencing it directly, it has offered real clarity. Both in my own life, and in the treatment of clients.

Originally I was trained as a graphic designer at the Art academy. But as much as I loved doing design work, the discovery of this fascinating philosophy naturally turned my path in a different direction.

My ability to sense where a client can be helped has developed over the years. In a loving and gentle presence I can connect on a deep level to what is possible at that moment in an acupuncture treatment to relieve an existing issue. Mental, emotional or physical issues can often be traced back to a certain unclearness about how we experience ourselves. When I see a client brighten up in a treatment, often in amazement at to how it happened, are beautiful moments.

As an independent therapist it is valuable to me to work with other therapists, to ensure a good coordination between the client and additional care providers.

I am affiliated with the Professional Acupuncture Association (NVA) and follow accredited courses that have my interest and further deepen my knowledge.

I would like to welcome you in practice De Den, converted with the help of a Design Academy student into a practice space in our garden, located under a beautiful, large pine tree.

Warm wishes

Irene Wolbert