Overprikkeld en hooggevoeligheid

Overstimulated and highly sensitive

By overstimulated we do not mean the feeling that everything is too much for you and you can’t handle anything anymore, that’s more associated with a burnout or experiencing an overload of stress. What we refer to here by being overstimulated is that you are highly sensitive to, for example, a group atmosphere or other people’s emotions. As a result, grief from another person quickly enters, anger from another quickly throws you off balance, or negative aspects in a group dynamic quickly become too much for you. Through acupuncture and special exercises, we will investigate why your personal space is so small, because that is often the reason why everything comes in so hard and strongly felt. In Chinese medicine, there is even a meridian directly responsible for healthy personal space. Restoring this space is not at the expense of your high sensitivity, because it is a beautiful talent to have.