Mental Health

When are you mentally healthy? In general, you feel sane if your behavior, emotions, and thinking patterns are not disruptive to yourself and those around you. In fact, it comes down to being who you are. This sounds very logical and easy, but many people have difficulty with it.
We are often not kind to ourselves or do not know how to deal with emotions that bother us. If this manifests itself in recognizable recurring patterns in which you can feel anxious, blocked or tense, or in which you feel heavy or depressed, acupuncture can be a good therapy. These different emotions have been mapped out very clearly in Chinese medicine. These insights are used for an acupuncture treatment. In addition, there are various exercises or a conversation that match the treatment, to teach you how emotions express themselves in your body.
The most important principle here is that a disturbing or uncomfortable emotion is always a request for help for yourself. It is an invitation to see what you can make inclusive and thereby heal yourself. I see mental health treatments primarily as an accompaniment to self-healing. The best thing about this is to let people discover what they can do for themselves in finding more inner peace.

Physical health

When are you physically healthy? You are physically healthy if your vitality is commensurate with your age. Feeling vital is an expression of a free and healthy flow of energy through your meridians. Meridians can be imagined as rivers flowing through the body. These rivers are ramified and extensive, flowing through your organs, muscles, and joints, among other things, reaching every part of the body with energy and nourishment. Meridians as an energetic network are closely intertwined with the physical circulatory system and lymphatic network in your body. A free flow of Qi (energy) through the meridians promotes blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. Partly because of this, acupuncture is a therapy that can be used for a wide range of physical complaints.